Enterprise Wifi Network

Wi-Fi is a now a part of everyday life! Customers expect a seamless Wi-Fi experience whether it is WFH or in office to ensure that they do not miss out on any important business communications & their data remains secured at all times. Similarly internal customers need to be empowered with Wi-Fi-enabled devices to enhance productivity and providing them with the flexibilty of moving about freely within th office or campus. With space coming at a premium hotdesking has become an essential feature of any corporate network design.

Further Wi-Fi has enabled the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT). Many businesses have been overwhelmed with this requirement, resulting in reduced efficiency and security lapses.

Our team of experts assess your environments unique needs and design, build and support a managed Wi-Fi solution for your business that meets your present as well as scalable for your future business requirements.

Whether a current or non-existent wireless platform exists within your business, Avcom services assist with troubleshooting, designing, configuring, deploying and managing within your requirements.



Avcom Wi-Fi design and Site Survey assessment creates an in-depth analysis to plan a fast, reliable and secure network strategy for your business. We ensure your business objectives and challenges are addressed by providing solutions that meet your needs.


Our certified professionals execute an extensive evaluation of your business location to ensure a wireless network solution is designed specifically to your meet your managed Wi-Fi needs. Our custom designed solutions deliver the capacity required for your wireless network to operate optimally, where it counts! We provide heat design to map out the best Wifi coverage & solution that meets your business requirement & ensuring that you are always in control of your network.


Avcom installation support provides managed Wi-Fi systems that works right for the enterprise. Right from the cabling to the core switches to the physical installation & controller configurations you can depend on the AVCOM team to deliver to you a network that works!