Active Network Design

Our Enterprise network team is  certified and trained with Cisco to address the needs of organizations that require scalable & reselient network architecture. In the present day scenario  & pandemic situation organizations are moving into flexible workspaces and WFH. Work for home has resulted in an unprecedented situation where the enterprise network may be exposed to situations that may be a security risk for the enterprises. Multiple access network devices require a well designed & robust wi-fi network that needs to complement the enterprise wired network.
Sitting over this entire network architecture is a robust network management application which is a combination of NMS and wireless controller devices.
In todays digital world security threats loom large and corporates need a robust network that is designed and protected by external cyber threats. Firewall architecture and policies can be customized as per the enterprise requirements considering the need for mobility & WFH that may require PDA's that need to have a secured access to the enterprise network.