It Network CablING Design

  • Passive /Structured cabling also referred as IT Network cabling still forms the backbone of any enterprise network design despite several technological advances made in the ICT infrastructure space.  At Avcom Network cabling design is carried out by OEM certified design resources  to ensure that IEEE & EITA standards are strictly adhered to followed by the best installation practices guidlines laid to achieve optimal performance of the network system .More and more applications/Services today require CAT6 / 6A / fiber optic cabling as the backbone to cater to ever increasing data carrying capacity as well as speeds & enterprises recognize the importance of the same.
  • With the convergence happening due to the fast changing technological advances most of the LV system applications are running on the ethernet cables. Be it CCTV, Audio video, Access control, enterprise wifi, BMS etc almost all are requiring CAT 6 cabling for an efficient & smooth functioning for optimal performance. Therefore it has become imperitive for any enterprise to deploy certified partner Avcom as an Systems integrator which is able to deliver end to end solution due to it's indpeth domain expertise in the LV technologies & solutions.