Audio Visual Solution

In todays changed scenerio due to the global COVID crisis coporates & customers are fast adopting collaboration solutions to ensure business continuity. With the growing need of the corporates to engage and collaborate both with the internal as well as external customers there is an explosion of solutions that are available to meet the same. Exploring productive tools to collaborate, Audio Visual (AV) Solutions have come to the fore to play an important & vital part in business enhancing organizational productivity thereby reducing unproductive time lost in travel and cost associated with it. AVCOM brings the best in class AV Solutions in partnership with the top global OEM’s and provides optimal integrated design solutions enhancing the customer experience.


Our AV collaborative Solutions for corporate are:

Huddle Rooms

With space at a premium these rooms have gained popularity as the corporates have realized the importance of team building & enhanced productivity through collaboration. These room configurations come typically 4-6 seater & are mainly used for sharing ideas, problem solving & local presentations. However with software based video conferencing solutions which are on open platform, this feature is now being by deafacto designed as part of huddle room solutions. Wireless presentation tools are being regularly used for local presentations so that there is no physical connectivity required from laptops since the new generation devices do not support physical connectivity.

Board Room Solutions

Being the nerve centre of the top management meetings such rooms require proper design right from the acoustic designing stage itself! Nowadays, corporate do not want any wires or devices on the board room table making it more complex and difficult to design the various elements involved and avoid noise & echo issues later during the equipment installation & usage. Besides, VC complexity in terms of cameras which come with voice activation requires a level of sophistication & experience in designing as well as installation. Large format displays including active & interactive LED’s require proper calculations & planning to ensure that the content is properly visible to all the participant present in the meeting.  One touch control & soft dial pad based conferencing is the new norm of board room AV design with integrated lighting, lift & blinds controls enhancing customer experience with convenience.

Training Room solutions

Inhouse training is an important part of business continuity & to be ahead of competition. With dirth of good talent & retention being an issue corporates are actively pursuing continuous training & upgradation of employee skills & sttregths. To meet this challenge investments are being made to design proper training rooms with the teaching aids & learning tools. Projection, wireless audio & annotation devices and interactivity iare the design tools for such areas. Avcom team has been undertaking several training room design & implement projects meeting the global norms & standards that are followed by most of the MNC organizations.


At an informal level the cafeteria area & common hall area of the corporate offices are allocated for this multi purpose of recreation as well as formal townhall meeting which are either streamed over the network or Live. A lot of planning goes in understanding the client brief & translating the same to ensure that every member of the set up is able to participate in the designated meetings.

Wheras auditorium setup comes with more & more complexity as the seating capacity increases. Acoustics, sound absorption, Audio, video , presentation, lighting, curtain design as well as annotation becomes increasingly complex & here an experienced & trained team Integrator like Avcom plays a critical role in orchestrating this entire design to ensure a symphony of auditorium design experience as per the global standards.]

Digital Signage

Most of the LFD’s today are coming with factory default of network port. Besides the signage display series come with factory fitted player & inbuilt memory & softwares for CMS. It becomes much easier for the customer corporate communication team to manage centrailsed content management over a single or multiple location on local servers or cloud based solution. Avcom has installed large signage installations including video & LED walls at corporates & retail locations. Signages are being effectively being deployed at the customer reception, cafeterias, workspaces, lobbies etc to ensure that corporate messages & communications are being broadcast to all the targeted employees & teams.