Enterprise Network Solutions

Corporates today require robust networks & big fat bandwidth pipes with complete security and encryption built in. Over the past decade AVCOM has built it’s domain knowledge & has had deep understanding of this critical requirement of the corporates & is providing design solutions that center around this feature with scalability built in. Our enterprise network teams have continuously been trained on the various networks technologies supporting right upto L1 levels. This being further reinforced by our partnership with the renowned global technology companies paving a path for two way information flow on the enterprise network design and management tools development updates. With an explosion of the access devices being used by the corporate for collaboration & advent of PDA based video conferencing there is a surge being seen in the bandwidth requirements which needs to be further defined by QOS & with the external threats a need is felt to address & minimise the same by ensuring that proper security policies are in place.

Cloud computing has posed its own challenges & complexities with SAAS being now being an adopted business model to provide cost effective ways for businesses to cut costs & move towards opex model. AVCOM supports Enterprises in the design & implementation of cloud based enterprise solutions mitigating the risks associated with it.